At Spatial Tectonics, we strive to create beautiful and sustainable interventions in OUR built environment.With a strong focus on affordable luxury, we resourcefully seek and recommend innovative and affordable construction technologies as a remedy to societies housing issues. In this quest we aim to create beauty with a strong blend of our clients unique sensibility and ability to imagine.


The brand advisory arm of our company piracetam precio. Creative studios is composed of a team of creatives whose sole aim is to take your ideas and bring them to life. From Logos,business cards to promotional merchandise and media campaigns via electronic or print media, you are in the most creative hands.


The construction arm of the company was formed on the basic premise of this question “Why Not”?. The reluctance of African construction companies to embrace new affordable,sustainable and innovative construction technologies necessitated the formation of this arm of the company. We seek to create and use the most affordable materials and technology to produce beautiful additions to the build environment.